Throughout our blog series into which is better, epoxy floor coatings or concrete floor polishing we’ve compared the aesthetic features of the two and the chemical resistance of the two. You can read more about attractive concrete floors options here and chemical resistant concrete floor options here.

The best option for you of course depends on your needs, wants and objectives.  Are you comparing aesthetics, chemical resistance, cost of installation, ease of cleaning, or long-term maintenance?  We’re going into detail on all of these different needs and wants through a multi-part blog series.

Next up, we’re looking at the cost options and cost of installation of the two differing options.


Cost of Installation for Concrete Floor Polishing and Epoxy Coating

Installation cost can be a very large driving factor in decision making when looking to improve an industrial facility floor.  Most of the time, the cost of installation can be the main determining factor. Sometimes other factors need to be considered as well though, such as: down time of installation, disruption to the operation, need for floor protection, etc.  When you look at costs you need to consider more than just the price of the floor installation.

Epoxy coatings and epoxy flooring installation pricing can be affected by a variety of different things.  To begin with, the quality of the product can change the price dramatically. Is the product a known brand?  Just like everywhere else a name brand product charges a premium even though the quality might be the same.  

How much sq ft are you making available to coat at one time?  If your project is 20,000 sq ft but you are splitting it up into multiple sections, you are increasing your installation costs.  Most reliable contractors can install 20,000 sq ft in about the same time as 10,000 sq ft. The more sq ft available at one time the less the sq ft installation price.

Concrete polishing is affected by sq ft but not as much as coatings.  As long as you are giving your contractor enough area to polish in a day, they can adjust the crew size to the project.  Polished concrete floor prices are affected more by the condition of the current concrete, required sheen level and required aggregate exposure.  

Another factor that affects floor polishing is the polishing process. Can the contractor polish wet, or does it have to be dry?  A dry polish is slower and uses more tooling driving the cost up.

Concrete Polishing takes the win on installation costs as compared to epoxy floor coatings.  In general concrete polishing is cheaper. Many factors go into costs and it is important that you work with a contractor that can navigate you through all the costs and options that are best suited for your facility and not just what they do.  


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