Epoxy floor coatingEpoxy Floor Coating is a great solution for a multitude of reasons, including a dramatically improved appearance, increased light reflection, easy cleaning, cost-effectiveness, and quick installation time, and many building owners, landlords and tenants don’t realize that this type of coating is also a “green” building solution.

For companies, schools, hospitals, labs, manufacturers, and large retail users looking to repair, replace or rehab their concrete floors while also being good corporate citizens and upholding community values, epoxy is an outstanding and environmentally sound way to get a great floor and also be “green.”

An ideal solution for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, heavy industrial, R & D space, showrooms/galleries, food service, laboratories, aerospace, automotive, medical buildings, retail buildings and public facilities, floor coatings offer the following environmental advantages:

  • Many formulas meet LEED requirements for VOC limits.
  • The product used by Liquid Floor Inc. meets the VOC (volatile organic compound) threshold requirement of less than 100 grams per liter for LEED, and also meets their Indoor Air Quality Requirements (IAQ).
  • Coated floors can be cleaned with an environmental cleaning solution using detergent-free scrubbers and a new electrically charged water scrubber technology.
  • Even with normal cleaning methods, urethane and epoxy reduce maintenance and cleaning costs.
  • Epoxy is 100% solid, no odors, no off-gassing, etc.
  • Because of its light-reflecting qualities – up to 300% more light reflectivity — less lighting and less energy for lighting is required.
  • Saving an old pitted, cracked or stained concrete floor by applying epoxy rather than tearing out and replacing it is a significant boon to the environment in terms of materials saving, energy saving, and landfill issues.
  • Floors coated with epoxy can protect against dangerous chemical deterioration.
  • Although improved employee morale is not a “green” issue, it’s certainly a human issue. Making a workplace clean, bright, shiny and colorful is a wonderful way for any organization to demonstrate its core values.

For any building owner or occupant interested in human and environmental health, an epoxy floor coating is an ideal solution for concrete flooring. However, it’s important to choose a contractor that not only knows and understands the VOC ratings of the products, they should also understand LEED requirements for installation and use.

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is a green solution that is rapidly gaining in popularity for existing floors and new construction. Read more about concrete polishing as an alternative to applying epoxy or tearing out and replacing the floor.