One of the benefits of installing Epoxy Floor Coating Systems into any facility is the beauty they provide. Let’s face it.  Concrete in its “naked” form is not extremely attractive.  That dull, gray look isn’t generally winning any style awards.  Epoxy Flake Flooring is one way to make your floors beautiful as well as functional.

In the past 20 years, a number of different techniques have emerged to make concrete and cement flooring more beautiful. However, many of these beautification methods do not protect the floor on a level that is recommended or necessary for an industrial facility.

Liquid Floors provides industrial level solutions for facilities that are looking for beautification as well as durability and protection from the elements.

Our Epoxy Floor systems come in many different colors and we can install decorative graphics and line striping as well. One of the more popular affects that has come out in the last several years is decorative flake flooring.

Decorative flakes are multi-colored flakes that are mixed into the polymer resin while it is still in its liquid form.  This provides a unique look that can be achieved in a number of different colors and styles.

Because the flakes are mixed into the resin itself, the resulting floor is more durable and safer than so many other “beautiful” solutions like stone or tile which are unsafe for industrial purposes.

The beauty of using flake flooring is, not only will your floor end up with a beautiful and very attractive finish, that finish comes with all the benefits that epoxy flooring has to offer including durability, cleanliness, chemical resistance, and safety.

And remember, Epoxy flooring compared to so many other flooring options is one of the best values for any type of facility.

So, whether you are looking for a neutral and reserved look for your facility or you want something that really pops with color, contact Liquid floors. We greatly look forward to revolutionizing your industrial flooring.